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Industrial Process Control

Our passion is the optimization of industrial processes.  Every other service we offer supports this primary mission.

We use disciplined science to describe processes that heat, mix and transform materials, and we design methods of automated control and human-machine interface to achieve manufacturing repeatability and efficiency.

Primarily serving the building-products industry, we have deep expertise with Gas burners, Air Handling Systems, Boilers, Dryers and Energy Recovery Systems.

Control System Integration

We are experts at specifying and applying modern methods of control, hardware platforms, networks and software to meet the needs of high performance industry.  Our services include ground-up conceptualization of control systems as well as the upgrade of outdated PLC and DCS systems.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) System Design and Programming

Human Machine Interface (HMI) System Design and Programming

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Data Analysis and Manufacturing Intelegence

Industrial Network Design and Implementation

Motion Controls: AC Motors, Servo and Hydraulic

UL508A Panel Shop

Machine Performance

In keeping with our mission to provide total process performance, we know that the best methods and applications of process controls are ultimately limited by physical machine performance.  We have developed and refined machine components that improve the performance of the manufacturing processes that we serve.  With an emphasis on products that retain energy by limiting unwanted heat and mass transfer, we design and manufacture high-quality custom seals, gaskets and expansion joints.  We also provide custom rotating and wear components for use in high-temperature industrial processes, such as bearing, rollers, guides and gudgeons.

Technical Support

Our customers are among the highest-performing factories in the world, and we understand the urgency of providing technical support for unexpected problems with industrial processes and automation.  If you have a problem with machine availability, quality or yield, please feel welcomed to contact us for support.  You can expect us to respond with urgency to help you identify the root cause of malfunctions and to direct our resources to help you return to optimized performance.

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